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Discussion: My Big Apple - News from New York City

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    Par défaut My Big Apple - News from New York City

    Je vais déménager à Manhattan au mois d'Août. Je garde un pied-à-terre à Vancouver et reviens fréquemment à Montréal.

    Je viens de voir cette nouvelle toute fraiche. Je vais habiter tout juste à côté de Washington Square, et ce nouveau développement m'intéresse au plus haut point. J'esssaierai de vous en faire part régulièrement.

    Voici l'article du Wall Street Journal:

    First Look at NYU Tower Plan
    University Wants 38-Story Building on Village Site; Critics Fret Over Pei Design

    New York University on Thursday expects to unveil its much-anticipated design plans for the proposed 38-story tower in Greenwich Village, one of the most ambitious projects in the school's controversial 25-year expansion plan.

    Before and after: The space between two towers designed by I.M. Pei, above, would be filled by a new tower, in rendering below, under NYU's plan.

    The tower, sight-unseen, is already facing backlash from community groups who say the building would interfere with the original three-tower design by famed architect I.M. Pei. Critics also say the new building would flood the neighborhood with more construction and cause other disruptions.

    The concrete fourth tower with floor-to-ceiling glass windows would be built on the Bleecker Street side of the site, known as University Village. It would house a moderate-priced hotel on the bottom 15 floors. The 240-room hotel would be intended for visiting professors and other NYU guests, but would also be available to the public. The top floors would be housing for school faculty.

    In addition, NYU would move the Jerome S. Coles Sports Center farther east toward Mercer Street to clear space for a broader walkway through the site that connects Bleecker and Houston streets. The sports complex would be torn down and rebuilt with a new design.

    Grimshaw Architects

    The plan also calls for replacing a grocery store that is currently in the northwest corner of the site with a playground. As a result, the site would gain 8,000 square feet of public space under the tower proposal, according to an NYU spokesman.

    NYU considers the new tower a crucial component of its ambitious expansion plans to add six million square feet to the campus by 2031—including proposed sites in Brooklyn, Governors Island and possibly the World Trade Center site—in an effort to increase its current student population of about 40,000 by 5,500.

    The tower is also one of the most contentious parts of the plan because the University Village site received landmark status in 2008 and is home to a Pablo Picasso statue. The three existing towers, including one dedicated to affordable public housing, were designed by Mr. Pei in the 1960s. The 30-story cast-concrete structures are considered a classic example of modernism.

    Grimshaw Architects, the New York firm that designed the proposed tower, says it wants the new structure to complement Mr. Pei's work. "It would be built with a sensitivity to the existing buildings," says Mark Husser, a Grimshaw partner. "It is meant to relate to the towers but also be contemporary."

    Grimshaw Architects

    NYU says the planned building, at center of rendering above, would relate to current towers.

    He said the new tower would use similar materials to the Pei structures and would be positioned at the site in a way not to cut off views from the existing buildings.

    Little of this news is likely to pacify local opposition. "A fourth tower would utterly change Pei's design," says Andrew Berman, executive director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation. He says that Mr. Pei designed a number of plans about the same time that similarly featured three towers around open space, such as the Society Hill Towers in Philadelphia.

    Watch a video showing a rendering of New York University's proposed 38-story tower, one of the most ambitious projects in the university's vast 2031 expansion plan. The tower would be located near Bleecker Street in Manhattan. Video courtesy of Grimshaw Architects.

    Residents say they fear that the new tower would bring years of construction and reduce green spaces and trees. "We are oversaturated with NYU buildings," says Sylvia Rackow, who lives in the tower for public housing. "They have a lot of other options, like in the financial district, but they are just greedy."

    NYU will have to win permission from the city's Landmark Commission before it can proceed. This process begins on Monday when NYU makes a preliminary presentation to the local community board.

    Jason Andrew for the Wall Street Journal

    NYU is 'just greedy,' says Sylvia Rackow, seen in her apartment. Grimshaw.

    While the commission typically designates a particular district or building, University Village is unusual in that it granted landmark status to a site and the surrounding landscaping, making it harder to predict how the commission may respond.

    NYU also would need to get commercial zoning approval to build a hotel in an area designated as residential. And the university would have to get approval to purchase small strips of land on the site from the city.

    If the university is tripped up in getting required approvals, it has a backup plan to build a tower on the site currently occupied by a grocery store at Bleecker and LaGuardia, which would have a size similar to the proposed tower of 270,000 square feet.
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    You may start "using" public payphones a lot more: Today, New York City officials announced a pilot program to provide free, unlimited WiFi to the public through public payphone kiosks. Rahul Merchant, the city's Chief Information and Innovation Officer and Commissioner of the Department of Information, Technology and Telecommunications, noted how offering free broadband access part of the Bloomberg administration's "efforts to promote greater digital inclusion for New Yorkers."
    Read more:

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    Celebrate Francophone Culture on July 15 at NYC's Annual Fête!

    Bonjour, New York! On Sunday, July 15, 2012, from 12-5pm, New Yorkers will celebrate Francophone culture at NYC’s annual Bastille Day, a three-block fête on 60th Street!

    Find us at Québec booths on Madison Avenue @ 60th Street, learn about living and studying in la belle province and sample delicious smoked meat from Mile End Delicatessen. You can even polish up your hockey skills and get a chance at fabulous prizes including tickets to Traces by 7 Fingers, which made Time Magazine’s “Top Ten Everything of 2011″ list, Neige Apple Ice Wine, dinner at Mile End Delicatessen and treats for the kids too!

    Enjoy the myriad attractions. Entrance to Bastille Day on 60th Street is free and open to the public. Soyez de la partie!

    60th Street between Fifth and Lexington Avenues (map)
    Subway: 4, 5, 6 to 59th & Lexington; N, R to 59th & 5th Ave.; E to 53rd St.; F to 63rd St.
    Bus: M1, M2, M3, M4 or Q31 to 59th St. Or M5 to 58th St.
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    Yesterday, New York City officially acquired the third and final part of the High Line from CSX Transportation, which owned the one-half mile part of the old elevated railroad that snakes around the West Side Rail Yards. Mayor Bloomberg crowed that it was "a monumental step toward our goal of opening the entire elevated railway to the public. In the three short years since the first section opened as a park, the High Line has become a treasured neighborhood oasis, a significant generator of economic activity for the entire city, and a celebrated icon for planners, designers, and leaders around the world. Transforming the final section of the elevated railway into public space will complete the vision - something that seemed all but impossible just over ten years ago."

    Construction will start at the end of this year and be completed next year... and then the opening will be in 2014. Above are a few renderings of the
    proposed third phase, as well as some recent photos.
    Read more:

    Open wide for some more NYU, Greenwich Village! Today the university's controversial expansion plan was overwhelmingly approved by the City Council by a vote of 44-1. (Councilmember Charles Barron was the sole dissenter.) Despite strenuous opposition from faculty, students, and local residents, the university's plan was greenlighted today after the administration agreed to reduce the plan's ground footage of the project by 26 percent. The final plan [pdf] includes a 700,000 reduction in square footage at the Zipper Building on Mercer and Bleecker Streets as well as significant reductions to the Boomerang buildings at Mercer and LaGuardia streets. (One building will go from eleven stories to four stories.)

    "This plan is very different than the original plan," City Council Speakr Christine Quinn told WNYC. "Significantly. It's about 26 percent smaller, 26 percent less dense and less tall than the original plan, as well as many other changes." The four buildings will go up in two Village “superblocks,” six blocks that were consolidated into two in the 1950s and 1960s. Bloomberg News reports that the expansion is part of 6 million-square-foot, 20-year growth plan costing from $3 billion to $4 billion. NYU, the largest private university in the U.S., intends to grow its enrollment from 41,000 to 46,500 by 2031.

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    Merci Jesseps. Nous vivons ma femme et moi dans la tour grise la plus à l'Est et nous allons devoir déménager. Nous ne voulons pas avoir `a endurer tout le bruit et la poussière provenant du site de construction juste à nos pieds sur Mercer. C'est la consternation pour les résidents du quartier. On promet 20 ans de construction sans fin et l'élimination d'espaces de jeu pour enfants et verts.
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    The 47% comment and a visit above central park as seen from a new 85 story condo tower.
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    Oh you thought we were done hearing about NYU's massive 6 million-square-foot "2031" expansion plan after it was approved by the City Council? Ha! You clearly forgot about the intense opposition to the plan—even in its "reduced" state. Let the lawsuits begin!
    Read more:

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    C'est mon quartier. Je suis prodev. Mais c'est vrai que c'est dur a avaler, 20 de construction autour de chez toi et la destruction de superbes zones vertes. Ils devraient faire comme l'UDM et batir un tout nouveau campus ailleurs... sur la Hudson par example.

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    Curious LindbergMTL, what do you do in life and congrats on the move. New York is simply bustling every second of every single day!!

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    Greenpointers green with envy for all those shiny towers over in Williamsburg and Long Island City, you'll be happy to know you may not need to be for much longer. Looks like Greenpoint Landing, a quietly stewing mega-project on the Greenpoint waterfront, is looking like it might really happen. Current tenants are moving out of the project's plots, which means big things could soon be coming. Like what? Like 22 redeveloped acres! 10 luxury towers rising 30-40 stories! 4,000 apartments (20 percent of which will be "affordable")! Maybe even a swooping Santiago Calatrava bridge to Long Island City! The MTA is going to need to add some cars to the G when this is over.
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    Devinez combien cette maison (blanche) se vend présentement!!

    [streetview],+New+York,+NY,+United+S tates&hl=en&ll=40.772791,-73.963759&spn=0.006947,0.016512&sll=45.605943,-73.709509&sspn=0.410715,1.056747&oq=45+east+74&t=h &hnear=45+E+74th+St,+New+York,+10021,+United+State s&z=17&layer=c&cbll=40.772729,-73.963618&panoid=f9oNdyw5amfv7IfA27zKcg&cbp=12,21. 44,,0,-11.39[/streetview]

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