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Discussion: Lgalisation du cannabis

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    What most of the prohibition people conveniently forget to mention is that after 30+ years of the 'War on Drugs', drug usage continues to increase year after year. The absolute, complete, and total failure of this policy doesn't matter to them. Ideologues, be they Taliban, Christian Fundamentalists, FOX viewers etc. never let the facts interfere with what they are told to believe. It's much easier for them to give themselves up to some ideological line than to think for themselves.

    I drink, I sometimes smoke pot, and I occasionally do lines and other shit. I'm an adult: I know when and where it's appropriate to do various things. Most people are like that. Most pot smokers are the same as most drinkers : casual. The prissy, loser, ideologues who have never tried it- and know nothing about it- pretend that everyone who smokes pot is a nutjob, chronic smoker. They're such social misfits that they don't even know that many of the people around them smoke. Why would anyone associated with an ideologue mention it to them? They know the response they'll get from the loser in question.

    Fact is, drug prohibition is an absolute failure- just like alcohol prohibition was. Billions of dollars wasted. Popular policy though with the 'ban everything', law and order people. Legalise it, sell it, tax it. Only organised crime- and the fundys will oppose it- they have the most to lose.
    I absolutely agree that the "war" has been a failure... it is obvious. But the usage of drugs doesn't seem to be increasing - it seems to have mostly stabilized and oscillating...

    But for the California Prop 19, it is not necessarily a good idea - while legalization of marijuana is an obvious ideal, the drug is illegal in the US (and Canada) under federal law. And the Obama administration quite clearly made it known they would continue to arrest, charge and etc people for marijuana trafficking and any other drug offence throughout the American territory. Since the federal law by nature supercedes any state law, the only visible outcome of a positive response to the question would have been a lot of confusion and wasted money in courts... it's the right idea, but really the wrong place.
    So live this day that you can look every damn man straight in the eye and tell him to go to hell.

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    La clinique Sant Cannabis sur Amherst

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