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Discussion: Quartier Concordia

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    Quartier Concordia

    Quartier Concordia will transform the Sir George Williams campus from a collection of scattered buildings into a welcoming and cohesive urban campus in the area bordered generally by Sherbrooke, Guy, René-Lévesque, and Bishop.
    The goals of the Quartier Concordia project include improving the use of outdoor spaces, stimulating street life, and providing respite for the Concordia community and the public. The project will optimize vehicular and bicycle traffic as well as pedestrian flow, facilitate movement between campus buildings, and ensure the safe interaction of vehicles and pedestrians. Quartier Concordia will also maintain a welcoming environment for the Concordia community and the public, highlight landmarks, improve the use of space, promote the display of artwork and create a distinct campus environment within the downtown core.
    The project will be carried out over several years by Groupe Cardinal Hardy and in conjunction with the City of Montreal.

    • A multi-year project
    • Landscape architect: Groupe Cardinal Hardy
    • Location: The area bordered by Sherbrooke, Guy, René-Lévesque, and Bishop
    • The project will promote a distinct, welcoming, and efficient downtown campus
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    Il reste quelques petits travaux encore.

    Il y a deux semaines ils installent encore des tuyeaux, et aujourd'hui même il y avait quelques équipements sur le bord de la rue. Le gros des travaux est fini, par contre!

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    They still have to finish the bike path and some work outside the LB and Hall buildings.

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    Major renovations to escalators

    Posted on September 14, 2010

    After months of planning, the replacement of 17 of the 18 escalators in the Hall Building, which opened in 1966, will begin in the final months of 2010.

    Funded by Quebec’s infrastructure program, this $12-million project will last two years and will be completed in phases.

    A request for proposals was issued and interested companies will respond by September 22. At that time, submissions will be examined and evaluated on both cost and technology. The mode of installation, dependant on selected technology, will have a tremendous impact on building activity.

    The newest technology allows for escalators to be installed by assembling pieces on site while traditional technology only permits installation of large modules (entire escalators). With the older technology, building access would involve removal of part of the building facade. The evaluation of cost over possible disruptions to building activity will determine which technology is selected.

    Jean Pelland, Director of Project Management in Facilities Management, is pleased with progress made during the last few months on the escalators replacement project. He is excited to put the era of escalator-related complaints behind us. A communication team will ensure the Concordia community is kept up to speed on this project.

    Want to know more? An in-depth article will appear in the Concordia Journal on Oct. 12.

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    Finally! But on my last year... bastards.
    "My life needs editing..."

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    Part of the project to modernize the Hall building along with the rest of the campus.

    The 10th floor is currently undergoing renovations (several other floors are already "done" and eventually the whole building will be modernized)

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    I guess it is really modernizing to have escalators that work... though the article doesn't actually say that, maybe they will be glassy and shiny and still not be working

    I wonder how many millions they have invested in them... they always have the CNIM guys with one or two escalators roped off working inside...

    What is the problem, the wires were under specification and the breakers trip? But sometimes they conk out with only a few people on them and not a "traffic jam". It would be really nice to have a speed boost on the escalators too, we are young people we can handle it and it would cut down on the congestion at certain times of day (4 PM for example). For 4 PM they could even take the 2-4 floor escalator and run it backwards like a reversible lane on a road bridge, since only like 5 people are going up and 500 are trying to go down...

    Maybe too they will add down escalators on the 10/11/12... you can get in, but not out
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    I was at Concordia from 1998 to 2000, and I remember the damn escalators were almost always out of order. This is a good thing!
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    Looks like one of the options for installing the new escalators is making a big hole on the outside of the hall building. Will that mean that it will have to be entirely re-cladded?

    The Hall Hole
    How Else Do You Get New Escalators into the Hall Building?

    Justin Giovannetti — September 14, 2010

    Construction at Concordia shows no signs of slowing down as the university will start a two-year, $14 million plan next month to replace the 17 infamously defective escalators of the Hall building.

    Once work is completed in December 2012, Jean Pelland, Concordia’s director of projects, promises that the Hall building will be cleaner, brighter and more modern.

    “The only comment I’ve received from students and the community is that the escalators don’t work well, everyone wants them changed,” said Pelland.

    When asked if the escalators were problematic Pelland chuckled, “More than that, at the top they aren’t even working, they are very old equipment and we need parts, so we take parts from the upper levels. Between [floors] 11 and 9 it doesn’t work. It’s too old.”

    Opened in 1966, the Hall building’s escalators have been plagued with mechanical problems for more than 40 years. The company that was installing the escalators went out of business before the building was finished, leading to an immediate lack of spare parts.

    Cannibalizing parts and a heroic level of MacGyvering by the university’s staff has only gone so far. It is not uncommon for more than half of the 12-floor building’s escalators to be broken at the same time.

    Plans to replace the escalators have been floating around since the early 90s, but have been rejected due to the high cost involved.

    With the project currently in the tendering phase, two different construction methods may be used to replace the escalators.

    The more traditional method would involve cutting a hole in the side of the Hall building. According to Pelland, the university has also asked for tenders using a modular method, whereby the escalators would be transported in pieces into the building. The pieces would then be installed on site.

    “We need to keep the building open, students still need to go to class, so it is a very complicated project,” said Pelland. “If the market offers us at a reasonable price for building with small pieces, we will use it. It may cost a little bit more for the equipment, but our schedule will be shorter.”

    Replacing the escalators at the core of a building used by 10,000 students daily is a challenge, especially since asbestos will need to be removed, so the project will work in five-month phases where two floors will be replaced at a time.

    Floors 10 to 12 will see the first work this October.

    The escalators from the ninth floor to the 12th floor, currently only go up because the university ran out of money while the Hall building was being built. With the renovation, they will also go down.

    “We are also redesigning the entire design of the part of the lobby, there are more people coming from the tunnel, so we need to change the flow,” said Pelland. A second escalator will be added to the side of the Tim Horton’s, to the left of the security office.

    With planning for the project underway for the past year, Pelland said the largest work, from the lobby to the fourth floor, will be done over the summer.

    Students will need to wait until tendering ends on Sept. 22 to know if they will have to welcome a hole in the side of the Hall building.

    This article originally appeared in The Link Volume 31, Issue 05, published September 14, 2010.

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    I wouldn't mind if they recladded the Hall building... at ground level, it is quite nice. But when you look up... dayum that is an ugly building!

    I don't know why they would need to cannibalize parts, they have the EDML in the basement... just take the broken piece down there and machine yourself a new one. They should make Hall escalator improvements a Capstone project for the engineers
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    Broken escalators always remind me of that Mitch Hedberg joke:

    "An escalator can never break: it can only become stairs. You would never see an Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order sign, just Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience." - Mitch Hedberg

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