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Discussion: Complexe Desjardins - Rénovations et Nouveautés

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    Par défaut Complexe Desjardins - Rénovations et Nouveautés

    PHASE 1 DES TRAVAUX 2010 - 2014

    - Réaménagement de la base de la tour sud
    - Coloration du plafond de la galerie marchande
    - Remplacement et modernisation de la fontaine
    - Rénovations et modernisation de l'entrée intérieure René-Lévesque
    - Grande enseigne sur mur de pierre extérieur pour le nom "Desjardins"
    - Réaménagement de la Caisse Desjardins au premier niveau hors-sol
    - Illumination extérieure des tours en vert
    - Création de L'Espace Desjardins et l'Espace carrières

    PHASE 2 DES TRAVAUX 2014 - ...

    - 50M$ pour le réaménagement des vastes espaces publics intérieurs du Complexe et de sa façade sur le boulevard René-Lévesque
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    La fontaine sera un peu comme les fontaines de Aqua Graphics ... chaque petits moteurs a l'intérieur de la structure produiront des gouttes d'eau tous controlées par ordinateur!

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    Wow merci pour les infos ! J'ai vraiment hâte de voir ça ! J'espere que ça va devenir un incontournable et que ça va faire parler ! Dans le même genre que la fontaine qui a à Québec que Simons a donné à la ville mais en version plus technologique !

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    Vraiment intéressant ! Merci ! Et surtout, bienvenu sur le forum, quelle entrée !!

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    For the second time in 4 years a macbook was stolen from me at complexe desjardins. The first time I left it unattended for a minute which as stupid. The second time they picked it carefully from my backpack while I was eating with friends, and none of us noticed, though I did see the guy who did it, but not his face. I cannot blame anyone but myself for putting the backpack behind me. But I'd like to say a few things:

    1) Be ver careful. The only place in the world where I have had my laptop stolen is Complexe Desjardins.

    2) Security guards are very dismissive. They pretend to take a report (in one occasion he wrote on the back of a take out menu) and don't even ask for details. They then tell you they will look at the security video (which they never do) and that they will call you if they identify the suspect. They do not call you. Not that there is much they can do anyway.

    3) The police is also very dismissive. They do not ask for details like the serial code. I believe that even if you give it to them, it will not go into any database (like it does in the US) so it is useless.

    4) Apple will not help you. In both cases my computers had issues which Apple's tech support solves without charging for anything other than the new pieces (usually less than 20 dollars). This means that there would be a high probability of someone eventually taking it to Apple for support. Apple will not retain any stolen computer and you will never know. The only choice you have is to call them every day and say you left your computer in some apple store and forgot where. They would then locate it with the serial number. And you will go crazy from calling every day.

    5) My girlfriend insists there must be some agreement between the thiefs and the security guards because of the dismissive attitude of the latter. I am skeptical of this theory but I'm writing it here anyway.

    6) Since it has happened twice in the same place, we believe this is common but could not find any online info about it happening to other people. Any of you have a similar story?

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    Citation Envoyé par Newbie Voir le message
    5) My girlfriend insists there must be some agreement between the thiefs and the security guards because of the dismissive attitude of the latter. I am skeptical of this theory but I'm writing it here anyway.

    Let's not fall into ridiculous conspiracy teories here.

    Did you stop to think that maybe they didn't have much to go on? The Complexe is a HUGE place in the downtown core with two subway stations directly accessible through tunnels connected to it.

    Security guards are there for security , they're not cops . They're there so that you can be physically safe in the complexe.
    unfortunately pickpocketing is a done deal when it's reported to them , what do you want them to do.

    As for the cops , they will take your report . But again we're talking a macbook . There are so many laptops going around that trying to track your personal laptop is nearly impossible.

    It,s not like trying to find a car.

    Plus I'm sorry but you seem to be higly responsible for your problems.
    Gain some street wisdom dude. Leaving a MAC (costing upwards of 2000$) unattended on a able is like ASKING for it to be stolen as for the second time i assume you left it in a bag hanging BEHIND you . Both of these theft were highly preventable.
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    I did not mean to make it sound like this is anyone else's fault but mine and the thief's.

    The police cannot do anything else. I agree with that. They took the serial number and will call me if for any reason my computer ends up being confiscated somewhere. I cannot ask for more, and if I sounded angry at them, it's because I was mad at myself.

    As for the security guards, here is what they could do: A guy I know had his laptop stolen the same way (the second way) in a café elsewhere in the city. He and his friend were shown the security video and printed a picture of the thief. The same happened to someone I don't know in a pharmacy. I know she was given the picture because she posted it online. Both of these are places without security guards. The first question I got asked both times by the police was "did they have cameras? did you see the video?" The reason they ask this is because the video provides a description. It might make it slightly easier to catch the guy in the future.

    Thinking that security guards are there only to protect and watch against physical harm is beyond ridiculous. Their job includes doing their best against material crime too (search security guard on Google for an idea). Expecting someone to do their job is not being an asshole. I don't care about my laptop anymore, but they seriously need better security which at least is willing to watch a security tape after a theft, and one which does not take fake reports just to get rid of victims.

    Update: By the way, in case you were wondering, I was never rude to anyone. I pretty much said "ok" to everything they told me. My comments are all observations and their actions are not responses to my attitude. Maybe my submissive attitude is what leads them to ignore me. In any case I wrote a letter to their customer service detailing both situations and asking them if things were supposed to be that way. They responded nicely that they will look into the case and contact me. If they do contact me and my "complaint" helps to make the Complexe a little bit safer against thefts, then I will have done something good, right? Even if people do not like me for complaining about a theft and not just accepting it as my fault.

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    Bon conseil. Ma blonde s'était fait voler un gros sac au café Second Cup sur McGill College de la même façon. Il était à ses pieds.
    "Follow Your Bliss" (Joseph Campbell)

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    6 avril

    Jai hate de voir cette fontaine la ! Ca promet !!!

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    Par défaut le 6 avril 2012

    on s'est manqué...


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    Je sais pas si vous avez remarqué, mais les lumières au plafond sont maintenant des DEL avec des variantes de couleur verte voici les images que j'ai pu capter durant une soirée qui selon moi était un test

    -img_1400.jpg -img_1401.jpg -img_1402.jpg -img_1403.jpg -img_1404.jpg
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