How Montreal hypnotist dodged a traffic ticket
Bedros Akkelian says he used 'pattern interrupt,' subconscious suggestion to dupe police officer

By Albert Nerenberg, Special to The Gazette
February 12, 2010

Montreal mentalist Bedros Akkelian, aka Spidey.
Photograph by: Courtesy of Cruz Productions, The Gazette

MONTREAL – This is how mentalist Bedros Akkelian claims he was able to get out of a serious traffic ticket using mind control.

After being stopped for speeding through a stop sign, Akkelian asks the officer whether he speaks English. Akkelian says this is called “a pattern interrupt” in neurolinguistic programming.

“The policeman has a certain pattern, and I interrupted it. I could have done this in French,” says Akkelian, who is fluently bilingual.

Akkelian then “changes the frame” and asks where the nearest gas station is. The officer complies, but before he can switch back to the obvious subject at hand, Akkelian introduces a subconscious suggestion.

“You know sometimes you get up and go do something,” he tells the officer, “and you forget why you’re there. It just slips from your mind,” he says, snapping his fingers.

“I’m really talking about him not me,” he says.

Then Akkelian unravels a classic hypnotic phrase: “You don’t know if you remember to forget or forget to remember.”

Because it can’t be answered, Akkelian says, this line sends the mind into a loop and produces bewilderment.

Then Akkelian adds: “I can just go.”

“I can just go” is an embedded command, says Akkelian. He appears to be saying “he can just go” to the gas station, but he’s really talking about the immediate situation.

And the officer lets him leave without receiving a ticket, even though it’s clear he has committed an infraction.

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