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Discussion: Forbes 2000 Global Corporations

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    I compiled the list down to a few names... All Canadian companies that excel in each category over other Canadian companies.

    - Aerospace & Defense: Bombardier - 8th (in that sector) [416th overall]
    - Banking: RBC - 17th (in that sector) [53rd overall]
    - Capital Goods: none
    - Chemicals: Potash of Saskatchewan - 16th (in that sector) [622nd overall]
    - Conglomerates: none
    - Construction: SNC-Lavalin - 34th (in that sector) [1063rd overall]
    - Consumer Durables: Magna International - 30th (in that sector) [922nd overall]
    - Diversified Financials: Power Corp of Canada - 9th (in that sector) [247th overall]
    - Food Markets: George Weston - 7th (in that sector) [412th overall]
    - Food, Drink & Tobacco: Saputo - 54th (in that sector) [1236th overall]
    - Health Care Equipment & Services: none
    - Hotels, Restaurants & Leisure: Tim Hortons - 18th (in that sector) [1714th overall]
    - Household & Personal Products: none
    - Insurance: Manulife Financial - 8th (in that sector) [112th overall]
    - Materials: Teck Resources - 17th (in that sector) [364th overall]
    - Media: Thomson Reuters - 7th (in that sector) [295th overall]
    - Oil & Gas Operations: Suncor Energy - 21st (in that sector) [159th overall]
    - Retailing: Shoppers Drug Mart - 30th (in that sector) [810th overall]
    - Semiconductors: none
    - Software & Services: CGI Group - 26th (in that sector) [1661st oveall]
    - Technology Hardware & Equipment: Research In Motion - 11th (in that sector) [384th overall]
    - Telecommuncations: BCE - 16th (in that sector) [239th overall]
    - Trading Companies: none
    - Transportation: Canadian National - 8th (in that sector) [377th overall]
    - Utilities: TransCanada - 21st (in that sector) [312th overall]

    All are publicly traded companies

    All the bold above. Their headquarters are here in Montreal

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    I will try and work on an excel sheet over the summer. Its going to be fun going though 2000 names and trying to sort everything.

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