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Discussion: ROUGE, phase 1 - 8 étages (2011)

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    Par défaut ROUGE, phase 1 - 8 étages (2011)

    je crois qu'on peut le déplacer dans 'en construction'.
    Images attachées Images attachées -imag0079.jpg -imag0080.jpg 

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    Par défaut Rouge, phase 1 - 8 étages

    Effectivement, en construction.


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    Le trou commence vraiment a être imposant

    Désolé de la qualité de la photo, ca vient de mon cellulaire et ma fille était dans l'auto donc je n'ai pas pu aller prendre une belle prise de vue...

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    ^ Merci pour la photo!

    Je suis passé à côté il y a quelques heures et c'est encourageant de voir le champ disparaître enfin.

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    13 août 2010

    bureau de ventes; ça paraît peut-être moins en photo, mais la femme ressemble pas mal à Caroline Néron

    le chantier avec l'Université de Montréal

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    18 août 2010

    depuis McDonald's, avec Vue à droite

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    24 août 2010

    depuis l'Hippodrome, avec Vue à droite

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    Merci pour les updates photos réguliers !

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    Citation Envoyé par monctezuma Voir le message
    Merci pour les updates photos réguliers !
    De rien, Vue, Sax, etc. sont assez proches du travail alors je les vois très souvent.

    En passant, il y a 2 projets en construction à côté de Du Collège, sont-ils sur le forum?
    Un se trouve à l'est du boul. Décarie; l'autre à l'ouest de Décarie avec une grue jaune.

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    Condo project brings new life to neighbourhood

    Construction underway on first phase of four; recreation centre accompanies phase two in 2011
    By MEGAN MARTIN, October 27, 2010

    When new condos are built, it's a pretty sure bet that more developments are going to follow. Putting up condo developments can revitalize just about any neighbourhood. And that's exactly what Sam Scalia is hoping will happen around the Namur Metro and Jean-Talon Blvd. area of Montreal

    Scalia's company, Devmont, is building four phases of their signature Rouge Condominiums at the corner of Jean-Talon Blvd. and Victoria Ave.

    These unique condos are going to be a serious facelift and bring in a new energy to the neighbourhood.

    "There are a lot of things that make our projects unique," said Sam Scalia, who owns Devmont with his brother Joseph. "We are totally dedicated to quality and we've always tried to be a little different."

    The Rouge condos are all somewhat larger than other projects in the same range and they offer some extra perks.

    "For instance, the 41/2 units are a minimum of 1,000 square feet with two bathrooms," Scalia said. "In most projects they try to offer upgrades, but we included most of the typical upgrades as standards in the price of our units."

    These standard elements include quartz counter tops, thermoplastic kitchen cabinets, under-mounted sinks, glazed ceilings and air-conditioning.

    "High-energy efficient aluminum windows, and high performance exterior walls for heat and energy conservation are included as well," Scalia said.

    Phase I of the project consists of 102 units. Presale for the condos started in mid March and were 90 per cent sold by July. A few units remain available today.

    "Construction started for phase I in June and we actually advanced the start date by three months because of the phenomenal demand," Scalia said. "So it will be completed by July 2011."

    Phase II presale started at the end of September.

    "We've already signed 30 out of 145 units, so it's been another great opening," Scalia said. "Construction will be starting in May 2011 and will be delivered in July 2012."
    The other two phases will begin at later dates. A special recreational pavilion is being built with phase II for all of the condo residents to use.

    "We tried to make it so that our clients would have all the services in one facility," Scalia said. "On the lower level you have a 51-foot saltwater swimming pool, hot tub, wet steam and his and hers dry saunas."

    The second level will have a full gym and yoga room, which will offer three classes each week. And the third level will have a 3,100 square foot terrace equipped with a natural gas fireplace, barbecues, a little waterfall, and a reading and lounging area.

    "Underground parking is available for everyone," said Scalia.

    "Everyone also has a spot for their bicycle and a storage space as well."

    Rouge's 31/2 condos start at 700

    square feet for $180,000. The project's 41/2 units start at $270,000, while their 51/2 units are from 1,275 square feet and start at $379,900.

    The penthouse units are the largest and most expensive at 1,787 square feet for $699,900.

    "We're firm believers in this area because it's very central, people have access to public transit, a major autoroute and important services," Scalia said. "They're also close enough to downtown, so the location was really strategic to have residential dwellings."

    Devmont has acquired other lots in the area and is looking to expand by adding either more phases or a new project in the future.

    "The area was mostly commercial when we approached the city with the idea for development and it just so happened they were working on a revitalization project for the area, so it was great timing," Scalia said. "We were the first developers to build condos there, but I think in the next five years more will come in and the face of the whole Namur and Jean-Talon Blvd. areas will continue to change drastically for the better."

    Read more: [url][/url]

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