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Discussion: La Maison Productive - 4 étages

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    Located minutes from Montreal’s downtown core and the historic Atwater Market, Maison Productive House (MpH) is a contemporary, green living project that offers a contemporary architecture that makes sustainable urban living bountiful and verdant. At Maison Productive House empowers consumers to live intelligently.

    Maison Productive House offers you two housing choices to meet you specific needs, Condo and Townhouse. Each unity offers a contemporary and green design that is both rich in space and refined in its architecture.

    MpH residences offer a privileged, refined living environment, which is refined and avant-garde. MpH perpetuates the exceptional architectural style with the most advanced Green (sustainable living) elements.

    MpH is Montreal’s first ecological design that seeks carbon-neutrality and addresses various productive aspects of a responsible lifestyle: alternative energy, food garden, active transportation, more personal productivity and leisure time. Here are some of the design principles that inspired the vision for the MpH

    Its walking distance from Charlevoix metro station

    MpH is very green. Its infrastructure can contribute to the environment instead of being as drain upon it. Maison Productive House seeks a LEED® Platinum certification and follows zero-emission development (ZED) design principles.

    What is unique about the MpH project is that it is Novoclimat® certified, uses Solar Panel and Geo-thermal energy; includes EnergyStar® appliances, dual-flush toilets and radiant heated floors.

    Additional examples of this unique project include:
    Onsite garden
    Custom-built doors
    kitchens and stairways using FSC or reclaimed wood or bottles
    No use of VOC products in lacquers, and natural fibers wherever possible (insulation, wall structure).

    Social and productive spaces, mixing ecological and social functions, such as:

    its year-round greenhouse,
    meditation room,
    and laundry room recovering grey waters and balcony.
    The sauna is strategically placed to allow for voluntary heat loss that directly will benefit the otherwise passively heated (solar) greenhouse. The greenhouse is supplied with recouped rainwater and filtered gray water for irrigation.

    Other amenities include:

    - Attention to linkages between outdoor and indoor spaces with the innovation of SunSpaces and ample roof, garden and balcony spaces for social interaction and growing.
    - Artisan bakery integrated into the residential development
    - Creation of possible income-streams to owners through rental spaces
    - Proximity to public transportation and the provision of a shared car service
    - Both inside and outside the greenhouse, the roof is maximized for growing vegetables. Cold-frames are integrated in the roof balustrade with seasonal covers to extend the growing season.
    - This social gathering area will have all the amenities for Bar-B-Qs, sun-bathing and gardening.
    - The Sauna uses an electrically-powered design which utilizes pine wood and is large enough for 4-6 people.
    - In addition to the roof greenhouse, every owner has their own private plot for growing fruits and vegetables in the garden as well as access to a fruit orchard and a herbal garden.
    - Water filtration systems: Units 2,4 and laundry room have recycled gray waters. Also personal units are supplied with carbon filters in the kitchen counters to provide the cleanest possible drinking water.


    They say they have 55% sold.

    It seems like they have 3-4 condos [only 1 left] (each are 3.5 equalling 809 sq.ft) and there is 4 townhouses [only 2 left]

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    C'est le petit projet le plus original du moment, j'aime bien!

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    Super! Et en plus c'est dans un secteur en pleine transformation qui pourrait en profiter en s'inspirant de la formule pour quelque chose de plus élaboré. Bravo!

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    Je ne pense pas que celle là est réussi! (au moins, pas en arrière)

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